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Paradise in Ruins ©

A Novel (View) of the Pacific War

    Paradise in Ruins is the first historical novel of a planned trilogy, set in the Nimitz and MacArthur Pacific theaters of World War Two. I hope you enjoy this book, which is available in soft cover or digital format through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets. Around six months later, there will be a hardcover version available to libraries and the general public, which will feature bonus materials such as non-fiction supplements for each main chapter.

    Paradise in Ruins highlights an isolationist USA that struggled to recover from an abrupt awakening after the loss of its battleship fleet at Pearl Harbor.  With its isolationist mood shattered, the US industrial might finally prevailed over Japan nearly five years later with the launch of an atomic age that still imperils the planet.

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Colonies in Ruins ©

Another Novel (View) of the Pacific War

    Not as well known to American readers, the far western Pacific rim was also captured by Japan in WWII.  Colonies in Ruins traces those other Japanese conquests during the Pacific war, starting with French Indochina, from where they launched mighty fleets of planes and ships at British colonies in Malaya, Borneo and Singapore.  While driving on southward in the quest for a secure supply of oil in the Dutch East Indies, Japan shattered the entire ring of lightly-guarded European trading posts bordering the Pacific Ocean.  Thousands of European prisoners were confined to military and civilian camps for the duration of the war, and when returning later as colonial masters—finally free of Japanese captivity—they found themselves battling their former indigenous subjects in even longer conflicts than the World War, as Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia emerged onto the world scene.